To Start a Garden

Hello everyone, it’s been awhile since I posted last, and a lot has happened since then. I’ve moved back to the US after quite a lot of traveling and visiting many dear friends I had not seen in far too long. I’m still very much in culture shock and adjusting to life outside of community. I miss Friary life tremendously, but I especially miss the people I have grown to love dearly who live there.

I am staying with my parents for the time being, in the house I grew up in, and I’ve begun to start a garden here. It lifted my spirits very much to get my hands back in the earth (I got a BLISTER from digging, guess I’ve gone soft after all the traveling around and not working). I had a large, disorderly, and enthusiastic garden while I was in school, mostly as an excuse to dig holes and get muddy. I didn’t successfully grow much at all, but I had fun. It has been entirely swallowed by English Ivy (ironic much?) since I’ve been away.

It’s pretty backbreaking work to yank ivy out, and while I was working I was thinking about all the effort I’d put into it before, and pondering the temporal nature of gardens, when I suddenly realized that the areas I was clearing had much richer soil than the surrounding space. Even though I had felt that my earlier efforts hadn’t had much of an impact, and there was no immediately discernible difference between my garden and it’s surroundings, my earlier work had wrought a deep, positive impact on the land.

Its still going to take a lot of effort to clear things up, but I find it encouraging that the goodness is there waiting to be uncovered and tended again, and I find this an encouraging analogy for my life as well.

Peace and all good be yours, Lydia

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