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To Start a Garden

Hello everyone, it’s been awhile since I posted last, and a lot has happened since then. I’ve moved back to the US after quite a lot of traveling and visiting many dear friends I had not seen in far too … Continue reading

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I may occasionally continue to blog here, but it will not be so regular (haha) as it has been, and readers should know that I am no longer currently living at the Friary.

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An Uprooting

As you may have heard, my visa runs out in the middle of August, so I will be returning to the States. It is time for me to go home, there have been several family-related reasons to move back, as … Continue reading

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The Definition of Malice

As I may have mentioned previously, I’m the cowgirl at the Friary, so I help look after the cows, their wellbeing, and coordinating when they are rotated from field to field with the sheepboy (shepherd, ahem). Today I was treating … Continue reading

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Feast of St. John the Baptist

Lizzie and I were assisting on this “fancy” day in chapel. I had the thurifer (burns incense, super fun to wave around), and Lizzie was carrying the Gospel. Both of us had just come in from digging in the garden, … Continue reading

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Magic Words

The Friary is a wonderful, amazing place full of some of the my favorite people in the whole world. That being said, we are all still human, and we all get on each other’s nerves sometimes, and sometimes people are … Continue reading

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Holy Week Reflections- Good Friday

We did the Stations of the Cross a little differently this year, by having various prayers and meditations on different areas of struggle and conflict in the world. How does the cross of Christ enter into these sufferings today? Syria, … Continue reading

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